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【亚搏游戏官网登陆】网坛怪事频出:确诊新冠名将包机逃走 如厕太久被罚

  According to reports from The Sun, the well-known sports website insidethegames, etc., weird incidents occur frequently at the ongo亚搏游戏官网登陆ing ATP St. Petersburg station. First, the American star Querry fled Russia by private jet after his wife and children tested positive for the new crown. He may face a fine of up to 100,000 US dollars and a three-year ban. Then it was Belarusian Ivashka who went to the toilet for too long in the middle of the game and was directly penalized. Ivashka was very dissatisfied with the penalty and yelled at the referee: "Do you want me to solve it on the court?"

根据《太阳报》(The Sun),游戏内著名体育网站等的报道,奇怪的事件经常发生在正在进行的ATP圣彼得堡站。首先,在他的妻子和孩子为新王冠测试呈阳性之后,美国明星奎里(Querry)乘私人飞机逃离了俄罗斯。他可能面临最高10万美元的罚款和三年禁令。然后是白俄罗斯人Ivashka在比赛进行中上厕所时间过长,直接受到处罚。伊瓦什卡对处罚不满意,并向裁判大喊:“你想让我在球场上解决吗?”

   American star Querry


  Professional Tennis Federation (ATP) was established in September 1972 to protect the interests of male professional tennis players. Since 1990, the association has organized a global tennis tour under the name of the association. Querrey is currently ranked 49th in the world and was originally expected to achieve good results in this St. Petersburg race. According to the schedule, he will face Shapovalov in the first round, but just before the game, his wife and his 8-month-old son who went to St. Petersburg with Querrey were tested for the new crown. Hotel isolation. Subsequently, the Russian health department notified Queri that they would come to their home for a physical examination. If symptoms of the new crown appear, they may be forced to hospital for treatment.


   Obviously, Querrey was unwilling to accept such a result. He first used a procrastination tactic and asked the organizing committee to give them an extra day of rest on the grounds that his son was unwell. Later, he called and contacted a private jet company and used the wallet machine to "flee" with his family. It is worth mentioning that Querrey has no specific destination. His request to the crew is only to travel to a European country near Russia that can enter the country without undergoing a new crown test. In an interview with the media, Querrey even stated that he d亚搏娱乐中心id not know which country he was currently in...


The tournament organizing committee reported the situation to the ATP, and the ATP quickly responded: “We learned that a player has seriously violated the new crown virus prevention and control regulations. According to the ATP code of conduct, we will take this matter seriously and further investigation is underway. In progress, such a move may jeopardize the亚搏游戏官网登陆 operation of the tournament and have an impact on the remaining tournaments of the season.” According to ATP regulations, if Querrey’s behavior is deemed to be a serious violation of the law and harm the interests of the tournament, it will Was fined up to $100,000 and suspended for three years.


   Belarusian player Ivaska


   If Querrey "made himself up for himself", then the Belarusian player Ivaska seemed a bit wronged.


   In the match against French player Manarino, Ivasca won the first set. In the second set that followed, Ivashka suddenly became anxious when the game was 2 to亚搏游戏官网登陆 3. He requested to use the medical timeout to go to the toilet, and the referee on duty agreed to this request. However, when Ivashka returned from the toilet, he was fined a round. The reason given by the referee was that too long time in the toilet caused the game to be delayed. Ivashka was angry on the spot, "I really couldn't help it at the time. Do you want me to solve it on the court?" But the referee insisted that his behavior constituted a violation because Ivashka went to the toilet. The time is three times the normal pause time.


   In the end, Ivashka chose to accept punishment. Fortunately, he was not affected by this sudden situation and won the seventh tie in the second set, and finally advanced to the second round in straight sets.


   Red Star News reporter He Pengnan Figure according to IC photo


Editor Li Jie

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