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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to follow the Qiu Di Morning Post on June 30. Today is the last day of the first half of 2020. I hope you will spend today happily and get ready for the second half of the year!


The long-lasting rumors of the exchange between Artur and Pjanic finally came to an end. Last night, Barcelona and Juventus officially announced their transfer. Artur will join Juventus with a transfer fee of 72 million euros plus 10 million floating terms, while Pjanic's transfer fee is 60 million euros plus 5 million floating terms. Both will join after the end of the season.

关于阿图尔和皮亚尼奇之间交换的持久谣言终于结束了。昨晚,巴塞罗那和尤文图斯正式宣布转会。 Artur将以7200万欧元的转会费加1000万浮动条款加盟尤文图斯,而Pjanic的转会费为6000万欧元加500万浮动条款。双方都将在赛季结束后加入。

In domestic football, reporters


Please see the details below.


FC Barcelona officially announced that the team midfielder Atul has joined Juventus.


In the early morning of June 30, Beijing time, Barcelona officially announced the signing of Juventus midfielder Pjanic, with a transfer fee of 60 million euros.


Juventus officially announced that team captain Chiellini and legendary goalkeeper Buffon will renew their contracts until the summer of 2021.


In the 31st round of the Serie B match on Monday, local time, Benevento defeated Stabia 1-0 at home, so that Benevento, who currently tops the Serie B standings this season, locked in seven league matches ahead of schedule. Qualified for the league title and Serie A next season.


Barcelona drew 2-2 with Celta in this round of La Liga, and the championship was in a disadvantageous situation. "Marca" said that Messi had also ignored the instructions of the assistant coach during the water supplement time of the game.

在本轮西甲联赛中,巴萨与塞尔塔(Celta)取得2-2的比分,冠军处于不利的局面。 “马卡”说,梅西在比赛补水期间也忽略了助理教练的指示。

According to "Goal" reports, Barcelona's top management plans to fire Setien after the season. They are dissatisfied with the team's performance and there is no good relationship between the players and the coach. Unless Setien can lead his team to win La Liga or the Champions League, he will leave after the season.


In the match between Inter Milan and Parma, Tommaso Berni, who was sitting on Inter Milan's bench, was sent off by the referee. According to reporter Fallahi's statistics, this is his second red card in Inter Milan, and the 37-year-old goalkeeper has not played for Inter in an official game.


According to the "Daily Sports" report, Barcelona has decided to lower Coutinho's asking price, and other teams only need to spend 70 million euros to get him.


On June 29, Beijing time, a piece of news about Shandong Luneng was exposed on the Internet and attracted a lot of attention. According to the news, Jinan Cultural Tourism will become a major shareholder of Luneng.


On June 29, Beijing time, according to "Orient Sports Daily", Talisca is likely to be the next key player of Evergrande.


It has been 10 years since Spain won the World Cup. Speaking of the famous "heart-felt" of the final, the person involved, Harvey Alonso, said that every time he sees the scene at that time, his chest still feels aching.

自西班牙赢得世界杯以来已经有10年了。谈到决赛中著名的“发亚搏游戏官网登陆自内心”时,参与活动的人哈维·阿隆索(Harvey Alonso)说,每次看到那个场景时,他的胸部仍然感到疼痛。

Brazilian team veteran Tostao recently accepted an interview on FIFA's official website. He talked about his cooperation with Pele. For the comparison between Messi, Ronaldo and Pele, Tostao said that no one can compare Pele, he said with a smile that Messi and Ronaldo's respective strengths can be compared to Pele.


In a La Liga game early this morning, Benzema scored with a sublime assist for Casemiro. This assist won the praise of Real Madrid famous Guti. After the game, Benzema also thanked Guti for his praise.


Liverpool's legend Grobella believes that the Red Army is currently the best team, even if Mbappe wants to become the main force in Klopp's team, it takes effort.


With 6 rounds left in La Liga, the Spaniard is still ranked 20th in La Liga, and the situation for relegation is grim. In this regard, Dong Fangzhuo gave his own suggestions for Wu Lei's future.


On June 29th, Beijing time, Fan Zhiyi responded to some questions from netizens during the live broadcast online, including his views on Lei Jiayin's imitating his clips in a variety show recently.


A few days ago, Ronaldo updated the news on social media. The Portuguese star posted a selfie and asked netizens whether his eyes were green or brown.


According to the "Sun" report, the former AC Milan player Pato's first marriage broke up after only nine months. The reason was that Pato had too many parties with Ronaldinho.


According to the "Sun" report, many players in Manchester United have chosen to buy a Mercedes-Benz G-Class off-road vehicle, and the parking lot of the Carrington Training Base therefore looks a bit like an army base.


Football equipment website "FOOTY HEADLINES" reported on Nike's new game ball. This football uses Nike's new Aerowsculpt technology, which can help players control the flight path of the ball more accurately. Nike’s online store is already on sale, with prices up to £120.

足球装备网站“ FOOTY HEADLINES”报道了耐克的新比赛用球。这款足球使用了耐克最新的Aerowsculpt技术,可以帮助球员更准确地控制球的飞行路线。耐克的在线商店已经开始销售,价格高达120英镑。

July 1 (tomorrow)


03:15 Premier League Brighton vs Manchester United


03:45 Serie A Genoa vs Juventus


04:00 La Liga Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid






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