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At 0:00 on September 5, Beijing time, Messi announced to stay in the team. In the video, Messi expressed his dissatisfaction with the senior management, his anger at hypocrisy, and his love for Barcelona.


In the new season, he will, as always, strive to achieve all goals.


I sigh a lot. The unsatisfactory 2020 just passed 2/3, and the 19/20 season also ended with Bayern winning. Barcelona, ​​who were all empty and nailed to the stigma in the Champions League, once again suffered through the offseason.


In the previous transfer window, there were several news that Messi wanted to leave. People seemed to be used to such a small mess, but the sudden gust of rain this year was really caught off guard.


Next, let's take a look at what happened in this farce.


On August 25, TyC, the largest sports television station in Argentina, reported: Messi has notified Barcelona by fax that he wants to leave the team and is ready to use the free leave clause in the contract.


Just a week ago, Chairman Bartomeu stated on Barcelona TV that the Argentine welcomes Coman’s arrival and hopes for the team’s future plans. Both sides are very motivated, and he also hopes to end his career in Barcelona.


After that, Messi slapped his face through the speed of light of the Argentine TV station, making his relationship with Barcelona a red light. This announcement of the Qixi Festival is undoubtedly an earthquake. Afterwards, the Barcelona captain also sent an official fax like Burofax to the club. The general content was: he was going to use the terms of the contract that allowed him to freely terminate the contract (but Barcelona officials said that the fax screenshots now circulating are not the one received by the club) .


What is this clause? Football Decrypt has long disclosed some details of the contract that will expire in 2021. The most eye-catching one is this. Messi can inform the team before June 10, 2020, and he can leave the team freely at the end of the month. Terms.

这是什么条款? Football Decrypt长期以来一直在披露该合同的一些细节,该合同将于2021年到期。最引人注目的是这一点。梅西可以在2020年6月10日之前通知团队,他可以在月底自由离开团队。条款。

There are even rumors that the clause has some restrictions, such as not joining other European giants. Regardless of these fictitious and ambiguous sub-clauses, because no matter what version they are, they all point to the deadline of June 10 this year.


In an interview with the team’s TV station a year ago, Bartomeu said: “Before the 2020-21 season, Messi has the right to decide to leave. This is the player’s own decision. He can choose to retire or go where he wants to. Places to go."


This is also based on Messi's loyalty to Barcelona and the club's trust in him. Because he later said: "Messi has won the right to determine his own future, he can decide when to retire. I still believe that Messi loves Barcelona very much and he will continue to play here for many years."


I didn't expect that today, a year later, Messi really used it. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, there is no clear boundary for the end of the season. Barcelona believes that the date on the contract is written in black and white, so it has expired after June 10th; but Messi insisted that the terms should be postponed after the season is postponed.


Such foreshadowing is like a time bomb. After hearing the bad news, countless fans and media gathered around the door of the club, shouting slogans against the chairman, hoping that Messi would stay on the team.


On social media, football players related to Barcelona, ​​such as Puyol, Suarez, Vidal, and Tony Fleíza, also spoke out in secret.


But then there was big news: on August 27, the Catalan media TV3, as the mouthpiece of the club, stated that Bartomeu was willing to resign in order to retain the Argentine, as long as Messi was willing to stay, even if he publicly addressed all the problems. It all boils down to being willing to accept it.


On the surface, it seems that he is admitting his mistakes and willing to leave for Messi. In fact, it is a force to Messi. If Messi agrees, then it is equivalent to using political means to force away the club chairman. Then the Argentines will be in an unrighteous place.


On the other hand, Messi appropriately chose to remain silent-Searle said he was reluctant to comment and would give an explanation publicly when he thought it was appropriate.


Bartomeu’s emergency voice undoubtedly disrupted the Messi team’s plan. According to Santi Gimenez, editor-in-chief of the Barcelona edition of Aspen, and Argentine journalist Veronica Brunati, if the chairman hadn’t made this decision suddenly, Mei Xi has already decided to announce the decision.


After that, only reporters left Messi's movements to photograph him going to Su Ya's house for dinner. Next, it seems to have entered the quiet place of the eye of the storm-except for the news that Messi will not participate in nucleic acid testing and training, Barcelona and their captain will no longer fight through the media, only transfer rumors.


Two days later, there was finally new news: According to reports, Bartomeu would not accept any dialogue on the subject of the sale of Messi. If you want to talk, you can only talk about renewal.


And Barcelona found that there is only one way for the media to connect with Messi. Both the law firm Cuatrecasas and the employee Pepe Costa are currently serving Messi. And the team can't get his personal thoughts through the players.

巴塞罗那发现媒体与梅西的联系只有一种方式。律师事务所Cuatrecasas和雇员Pepe Costa目前都在为梅西服务。而且团队无法通过球员了解他的个人想法。

The club had no choice but to terminate the contract with the law firm. Subsequently, Messi began to fight back: the lawyer team said that the Argentine had a 4 year contract extension in 2017, in fact a 3+1 year contract. The liquidated damages in the last year lapsed, which means that Messi had no liquidated damages in the last year.

俱乐部别无选择,只能终止与律师事务所的合同。随后,梅西开始反击:律师团队说,阿根廷在2017年续签了4年合同,实际上是3 + 1年合同。去年的违约金已经失效,这意味着梅西在去年没有任何违约金。

After the club’s questioning, they immediately rebutted and responded in many media: Messi’s contract is still valid, and the termination conditions remain unchanged at 700 million euros.


The incident fell into Rashomon again, and the public said that the public was justified, and the mother-in-law said that the mother was justified. Messi himself hid again. He really did not participate in the nucleic acid test and medical examination, and the panic of all parties about his departure intensified.


On the evening of August 30, Laliga also participated in the incident. They stood with Barcelona and believed that the Messi contract was still valid. This statement is not unexpected, because for the Spanish professional league, if Messi is lost, the consequences will be disastrous.


On September 1, media broke the news that more and more board members believed that they should get together with the best in team history. This is more because of Messi’s uncompromising and practical obstacles. With the approach of the new season and the reconstruction plan, if the most important Messi matter is pending, how should the club’s plan be discussed?


But the reality is where it is so easy-if Messi and Bartomeu leave within their tenure, then the members and other party members will definitely use this attack. The attitude of most members towards the Argentines is quite different from that in China-more hope that Messi can stay. It is not an exaggeration to say when the Argentines will leave, then the board of directors will not be far away.


As transfer rumors intensify, the clubs that may not be able to sign the Argentine are in a whirlpool of public opinion. True and false news are constantly emerging, and the only thing that has not progressed is the wrangling between the transfer protagonist and the club.


Messi's willingness to leave became more and more obvious. On September 2nd, Messi's agent who was in Argentina, his father Jorge, went to Barcelona in person to prepare for an interview with Bartomeu.

梅西的离开意愿变得越来越明显。 9月2日,梅西在阿根廷的经纪人,他的父亲豪尔赫(Jorge)亲自前往巴塞罗那,准备接受巴托梅乌的采访。

This move can break the history of propagating through the media through the air, and promote the progress of the two sides in response to the incident through dialogue. According to the old Messi’s words in the face of the media, his son is still very difficult to stay, and he refuted the news of Guardiola’s conversation with Messi that the media had trumpeted, saying that the two had not contacted (in fact, whether there is any real difference for sure).


Messi put on a look of deliberation. Before Messi’s contract with the club is cleared, the major gossip clubs naturally dare not take any action-because if in the end, it is adopted that Messi still has a contract with Barcelona, ​亚搏游戏官网登陆​then if an agreement is announced with the player, Will be sanctioned by FIFA.


Not only that, if there is a liquidated damage of 700 million in the contract, then you have to spend a lot of money obediently.


So although Messi has been favored by some clubs in rumors, especially Manchester City, there will still be no substantial progress.


If Barcelona does not let go, or do not make a final judgment in court, Messi will not go anywhere. So no one to mock Messi in the near future is purely ignorant of events, risks and contracts.


After the old Messi and the eldest son got off the plane, they did not go to Bartomeu, but went to 6 places in one day-of course, including restaurants, law firms, etc.


The next day, September 3, according to media reports such as Radio Corbe, the two sides had many meetings. Messi’s father, eldest brother and lawyer, Bartomeu and Boldas were all present at the meeting.


Messi's teammates are also caught in the transfer, such as Vidal, Suarez and Rakitic who has left. The progress to No. 4 is that Messi’s lawyer team believes that the player’s liquidated damages are invalid. At the time of the deadline, Barcelona had not responded, and Laliga still believed that the Messi team’s interpretation was untrue.


At the time, the possibility of Messi’s staying on the team was also increasing: on September 3, when the media asked whether Messi would stay on the team for a year, both reporters and the public heard what Jorge said. (si), and then the old man publicly denied it, saying that what he said was uncertain (no sé, don’t know).

当时,梅西留在球队的可能性也在增加:9月3日,当媒体问梅西是否会留在球队一年时,记者和公众都听到了豪尔赫的话。 (si),然后这位老人公开否认了这一说法,说他所说的不确定(不知道,不知道)。

Not only that, the major media also believe that over time, the contract between the club and the player is still inconclusive, so leaving until the end of the contract is the most likely choice. The odds of Messi staying on the team are relatively stable.


As for Messi's lawyer team's claim that the liquidated damages are invalid, then there are more possibilities. Messi didn't make it clear whether to leave or stay before, but he maintained a tendency to leave to the outside world.


As for Barcelona, ​​on the surface, under the leadership of Bartomeu, they tried their best to stay. But privately there are many interests. They can and can only respond appropriately. Club officials once revealed that Bartomeu had long wanted Messi to leave.


However, there is no channel to confirm this, because no matter whether Bartomeu himself really wants Messi to leave, he can't represent the club hastily let go of Messi. If you let go, then not only is it more notorious, but Gasparte will be far away from the club’s worst chairperson list, and it is more likely to be jailed for improperly disposing of club assets.


Therefore, as the chairman of Barcelona, ​​it doesn't matter what Bartomeu himself thinks. Whether it is to rebuild or other cards, easily let go of Messi is a card that cannot be played.


Unless the outside world generally believes that it is not the Messi he drove away, and that he has handled it properly on all levels, it only caused incompetent results, but this is impossible, so the club must keep Messi. Whether it is coaxing or deceiving, as long as he can stay behind.


As for the Argentines, not only should they consider high-level actions, they should also accomplish what they want while maintaining a good image. At present, Messi still hopes to leave the team, and how to leave the most decent is the problem. Out of love for Barcelona, ​​Messi will not break directly with the club, which also explains why Messi said he did not want to go to court, and it is reported that the club did not rule out court settlement in the end.


After all, Messi himself is the biggest bargaining chip, and he himself is the cause and result of this incident. In other words, the fundamental reason for the consensus reached by both parties may not only lie in the contract, but also in Messi's own ideas and team methods. Whether Messi can leave, it almost can only depend on the constraints of the contract.


Both parties are gambling, and the result is dead, but what kind of process is used to achieve this is obviously also very important, which has a lot to do with the two sides from the surface image to the inner core value.


To put it wittily, it seems to have become "The Nou Camp King Messi wants to let himself go, the geniuses’ negotiation brain war". To be more serious, if the two sides really go to court, then Messi must have decided. In this case, all subsequent risks are almost borne by Messi.


In September, if Messi insists on leaving, there are still a series of problems to be solved, such as next home, environment, contract, family, language...


After Messi leaves, Barcelona may not have the opportunity and time to buy new aid in the transfer market at a relatively low price. At the same time, the club's senior management is likely to lose all credibility and collapse instantly.


And there is news that whether Su Ya joins Juventus also depends on Messi's attitude. Although the authenticity of this is doubtful, after all, everyone is a professional player, but it indirectly reflects what kind of chain reaction Messi's leaving or staying will cause.


If Messi stays, then it seems that the risk lies with the club relatively-the dressing room, next year's Messi, preparations... relatively speaking, it is the most likely and more realistic and safe idea.


In the end, all the dust settled at midnight on September 5th, Beijing time. When faced with an interview with Goal, Messi officially announced that he would stay in the team.


As a father, a player, and a person who loves the club, Messi talked a lot. His interview, I must have seen it, as he said: Barcelona gave him everything, and he also dedic亚搏娱乐中心ated everything to Barcelona.


Objectively speaking, no one can take out 700 million, and Messi cannot leave anyway. Subjectively, as a professional player who wants to win everything, he must continue to dedicate everything professionally to the club when he can only stay.


This year's football drama called "two-way choice with only a single option" officially came to an end with helplessness and complaints. Messi said: "I may go back tomorrow because I have everything in Barcelona."


This is the end of the matter, next year's matter, we will talk about it next year. If Messi still wants to leave by then, the upcoming season is a buffer period for everyone and everything.


If the buffer period has passed, there are still people who still can't accept it. Don't use anything else to bury this youth.






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