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【亚搏娱乐中心】2020年F1收入下降96% 小汉破舒马赫纪录难阻颓势

"I will not stop at 92 victories. I will let this number exceed 100 before the age of 40," Hamilton said after the end of the 2020 F1 Portuguese Grand Prix on the 25th. But as the British "City Morning Post" said before: "Even if Hamilton breaks Schumacher's 91 championship record, in some people's eyes, he is still not the greatest F1 driver." Now, Hamilton, who has surpassed his wish, still seems to have not escaped. dispute.


The picture shows Hamilton winning the F1 Grand Prix in Portugal on the 25th


Agence France-Presse said on the 26th that Hamilton hugged his father for a long time after the game. Hamilton has 256 driver points this season, 77 points ahead of second place Bottas. There are 5 races left in F1, Hamilton is expected to set a new record-his 7th championship and 100th

法新社(Agence France-Presse)26日表示,赛后汉密尔顿拥抱父亲很长一段时间。汉密尔顿本赛季获得256分,比第二名的Bottas高77分。 F1比赛还剩下5场比赛,汉密尔顿有望创下他的第7座冠军和第100座纪录

The American media EssentiallySports commented on Hamilton this way: He was a huge success on the track and gained tens of thousands of fans, but there were just as many people who "hatred" Hamilton and criticized every mistake he mad亚搏娱乐中心e. When Hamilton got on the podium, the cheers on the scene were always mixed with boos. This is an unruly driver. He was suspected of taking selfies with his mobile phone while driving a motorcycle in New Zealand in 2016, which seriously affected his public image.


Hamilton is also a social media expert, but the lifestyle content he shares is often criticized for "exaggerated". In addition, Hamilton's remarks about women, children and wild animals have repeatedly caused controversy. In 2017, he called on fans to become "vegans" with him on social platforms to reduce carbon emissions. However, many people accuse Hamilton of flying around the world every year, and also participating in F1 races with extremely high carbon emissions.

汉密尔顿也是社交媒体专家,但他分享的生活方式内容经常因“夸张”而受到批评。此外,汉密尔顿关于妇女,儿童和野生动物的言论也屡屡引起争议。 2017年,他呼吁粉丝在社交平台上成为“素食主义者”,以减少碳排放。但亚搏游戏官网登陆是,许多人指责汉密尔顿每年在世界各地飞行,并且还参加了碳排放量极高的F1比赛。

The British media did not give much face to his family. The Mirror stated that Hamilton can only be regarded as a champion, but he cannot become a national treasure. Hamilton has always regarded himself as a "playboy", using various ways to show his extravagant life, "striving to become more American than Americans." Hamilton's love life is also chaotic, and scandals continue. The most important thing is that Hamilton's way of dealing with the world has been criticized. He always appears very arrogant when arguing with his tea亚搏游戏官网登陆mmates.

英国媒体没有给他的家人太多面子。 《镜报》指出,汉密尔顿只能被视为冠军,但他不能成为国宝。汉密尔顿一直视自己为“花花公子”,以各种方式展示自己的奢侈生活,“力争变得比美国人更富裕”。汉密尔顿的爱情生活也很混乱,丑闻不断。最重要的是,汉密尔顿对待世界的方式遭到了批评。与队友争吵时,他总是显得很自大。

Hamilton's series of political behaviors this year made him even less pleasing, including bombarding whites dominating F1 events and wearing a politically colored T-shirt to commemorate Brian Taylor. British media "Drivetribe" stated that Hamilton's lifestyle is different from that of most F1 drivers. He will always cause controversy due to off-field events, which makes many people disgusted by him.

汉密尔顿今年的一系列政治举动使他不那么高兴,包括轰炸白人在F1赛事中占主导地位,并穿着一件政治上有色的T恤来纪念布莱恩·泰勒。英国媒体“ ​​Drivetribe”表示,汉密尔顿的生活方式与大多数F1驾驶员的生活方式不同。由于场外事件,他总是会引起争议,这使许多人对亚搏游戏官网登陆他感到厌恶。

When Hamilton won the 91st race, the British "Mirror" disclosed that Schumacher was still in the recovery phase. According to the British "Daily Express", since the injury in 2013, there have been very few updates on Schumacher's health. Only his family and close friends know the real situation. "Drivetribe" said that there is no comparability between Schumacher and Hamilton. The era and rules of the two entering F1 are different, but the appeal of F1 seems to be declining.

当汉密尔顿赢亚搏娱乐中心得第91场比赛时,英国《镜报》透露舒马赫仍处于恢复阶段。根据英国《每日快报》的报道,自2013年受伤以来,舒马赫的健康状况鲜有更新。只有他的家人和亲密朋友知道真实情况。 “ Drivetribe”说,舒马赫和汉密尔顿之间没有可比性。两个人进入F1的时代和规则是不同的,但是F1的吸引力似乎正在下降。

According to the Forbes website, compared with last year, Sky Sports' F1 live broadcast will lose 19.2 million viewers in 2020. "Drivetribe" said that due to the epidemic, most of the F1 events this season are empty, which has caused huge losses to the teams and event organizers. According to statistics, F1 revenue in 2020 will fall by 96%, and a record loss of 136 million US dollars.

据《福布斯》网站报道,与去年相比,天空体育的F1实况转播到2020年将失去1920万观众。“ Drivetribe”说,由于这种流行病,本赛季大多数F1赛事都是空的,这造成了巨大的损失给团队和活动组织者。据统计,2020年F1收入将下降96%,并创纪录地亏损1.36亿美元。





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