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亚搏娱乐中心:定位球奏奇效!头球凿开铁桶阵 博格巴销魂任意球打到索帅心缝里

Winning Brighton 3-0 to advance to the League Cup quarter-finals, Solskjaer was happy, and Pogba, one of the team's dual cores, was also happy. More importantly, Manchester United's positioning kick tactics began to work. Moreover, without the "first point" of Maguire, the Red Devils broke the opponent's gate twice in this game.


After his conversion, especially since the beginning of the season, Solskjaer has always been a "bitter face". The team's unfavorable signings and unsatisfactory preparations, coupled with the harshness of the media and fans, put him under great pressure. Even four days ago, even with injury time "anti-kill" Brighton won the league's first victory, Manchester United's performance was disappointing.


The most important thing is that the team's midfield problem has overwhelmed the flaws shown on the defensive end.


First of all, the midfielders only have the B fee status online. Although Van der Beek can bring changes, he still needs to work with the team. Secondly, Pogba's sluggish state and the overall decline in the performance of the midfielder have allowed the team to continue to expose the shortcomings of the defense, while the offensi亚搏游戏官网登陆ve advancement has entered a bottleneck.


Fortunately, Fred found the feeling. Although his passing is still lacking stability in fast defensive transfers, he can still bring score accuracy when the team is organized in a high position. Moreover, he brings extremely scarce mobility to the midfield.


More importantly, Pogba scored!


In the 79th minute, Rashford hit the frontcourt to create a free kick opportunity. Under the circumstances that the angle was not ideal, Pogba's free kick was of extremely high quality. After the ball hits the defensive player and slightly changes direction, it flies into the 10-point corner of the opponent's goal. This is Pogba's first goal this season, the 33rd goal of Manchester United's career, and the first free kick to score directly.


P亚搏游戏官网登陆ogba smiled happily after the goal, even after the game was over, he was still in a good mood. Facing the greetings from Brighton players, he was smiling, and he was smiling with his teammates high-fiving to celebrate. This goal is bound to sweep away the haze caused by his previous poor physical and competitive state, and lay the foundation for the next offensive dual-core role with B Fee.

进球后,Pogba开心地笑了,即使比赛结束了,他仍然心情愉快。面对布赖顿球员的问候,他微笑着,并且正在与队友一起击掌庆祝。这个目标必将扫除他先前身体和竞技状态不佳所造成的困扰,并为B Fee下一轮进攻性双核心角色打下基础。

The more gratifying news is that Manchester United opened up Brighton's bus defense with a set ball!


The team is full of "old men", but the means are extremely scarce in the set kick attack, which has become a huge shortcoming of Manchester United before. Although B fee joining has brought about an improvement in the positioning of the kick and kicking, Manchester United still has few means-looking for Maguire. Although Maguire has a huge physique and excellent header skills, the exchange and double-teaming tactics of the Premier League will definitely weaken Manchester United's set-ball threat.


Therefore, when Mata亚搏娱乐中心 assists McTominay to score, Solskjaer may be inspired: Maguire is not the only one who has the height and the ability to compete for the top of the Red Devils. McTominay, Bailey and Pogba, who completed a header shot after coming on the bench, all "have a set."


As we all know, Liverpool is the team with the strongest set-kick scoring ability in the Premier League and even in Europe. They not only have Van Dijk, but even Wijnaldum, Mane, Salah and others can make contributions in set-balls. . The diversity of routines is the basis for raising threats. Solskjaer should learn from it.

众所周知,利物浦是英超乃至欧洲最强的定点得分能力的球队。他们不仅拥有Van Dijk,甚至Wijnaldum,Mane,Salah和其他人也可以为接球做出贡献。 。例程的多样性是引发威胁的基础。 Solskjaer应该从中学到东西。

No one commented, but quiet


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