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亚搏娱乐中心|【观察】皇马2021最艰难决定 哈兰德和姆巴佩到底该选谁?

This summer, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, coupled with saving money for the blockbuster signing in 2021, Real Madrid did not sign any new aid. Regarding Real Madrid's great plan for 2021, fans and the media have almost all known. Galaxy Battleship hopes to sign Mbappe in the summer of tomorrow, which is their coveted goal. However, in the most recent period, Harland has also made a leap forward in the list of Real Madrid signings. A few days ago, "Marca" wrote an article analyzing the possibility of Real Madrid signing Mbappe and Harland.


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In recent years, Real Madrid has been paying attention to Mbappé. Ronaldo’s poster is posted in his room. He has visited Real Madrid’s training base. His idol is Zidane... It can be said that Mbappé has a deep connection with Real Madrid, but in fact , Want to join Real Madrid, Mbappé still has a long way to go. Yes, Mbappé has determined to leave Paris, he has set a time point for himself to join Real Madrid, and is already on the way to join Real Madrid.


However, Mbappe is still far away from joining Real Madrid, especially now that he has met Harland on this road. Now, the Norwegian striker has become the one who prevented Mbappe from joining Real Madrid, and the appearance of Harland makes it less certain that Mbappe will join Real Madrid. Dortmund's forward has won Real Madrid's favor with a steady stream of goals. You know, what Real Madrid lacks most now is goals. Therefore, Harland appeared in front of Real Madrid with a thirsty throat like a fountain.


The summer of 2021 is undoubtedly crucial for Real Madrid. They haven't made any signings this season, so everyone is looking forward to a superstar joining Real Madrid in the summer. All the spotlights are directed at Mbappé, but his dream of joining Real Madrid is shrouded in a huge shadow.


In public opinion polls, the hope that Real Madrid will sign Harland has completely surpassed Mbappé. And if Real Madrid’s coach is no longer Zidane, the probability of Harland joining Real Madrid will only be higher. Haaland has many advantages, including his price. You must know that the cost of signing Haaland is much lower than the cost of signing Mbappé for Real Madrid. In addition, Harland is a pure No. 9 player, which is what Real Madrid desperately needs. In the past two seasons, Real Madrid's No. 9 position can be called a black hole, so fans are very eager for Real Madrid to sign Haaland.

在民意测验中,皇马将签下哈兰的希望已经完全超过了姆巴佩。如果皇马的教练不再是齐达内,那么哈兰德加盟皇马的可能性只会更高。 Haaland具有许多优势,包括他的价格。您必须知道,签下Haaland的费用比签下皇家马德里的Mbappé的费用低得多。此外,哈兰德纯粹是第9名球员,这是皇马迫切需要的。在过去的两个赛季中,皇家马德里的第9名位置可以称为黑洞,因此​​球迷们非常渴望皇家马德里签下哈兰德。

And Harland's fiery state also made him once again the focus of attention. For Harland, everything is fresh. He is a new face emerging in football. Mbappe has been famous for longer, and his evaluation h亚搏游戏官亚搏娱乐中心网登陆as been more unified, but people have already known Mbappe's level. His success has been two or three years ago. In comparison, Harland is still thriving, and his performance will make people more interested in him. One more thing I have to mention is that Real Madrid has great expectations for Erdgau, and the perfect tacit understanding between Harland and Erdgau is even more beneficial to him.


The downside to Harland is that he is still very young, which of course is another advantage. But Real Madrid has suffered from Jovic. In the Bundesliga, Jovic is like a beast, and his performance in the Europa League is also remarkable, but after joining Real Madrid, he has become a parallel importer. Now, Harland has only shown the potential to become a superstar, but he has not proven himself.


There is no doubt that everything is beneficial to Mbappé. His good relationship with Neymar is also appreciated by Real Madrid. However, it is not easy to sign Mbappé. This summer, Galeries Lafayette frequently refuted rumors about Mbappé because of his fear of Paris. However, this war against Mbappé will one day start. Obviously, Paris is a very difficult negotiating opponent, which they have proven to Barcelona.

毫无疑问,一切对姆巴佩都是有益的。他与内马尔的良好关系也得到了皇马的赞赏。但是,签署姆巴佩并不容易。今年夏天,老佛爷百货公司(Galeries Lafayette)因为对巴黎的恐惧而经常驳斥有关姆巴佩的传闻。但是,这场针对姆巴佩的战争将有一天开始。显然,巴黎是一个非常困难的谈判对手,他们已经向巴塞罗那证明了这一点。

Although the difficulty is huge, Mbappé is the future, he is a world champion, and his joining will also make Real Madrid jersey out of stock. He can greatly strengthen Real Madrid's appeal in the market, and he can also let everyone go to the scene to watch him play games. Of course, Mbappe still has outstanding abilities. Although Real Madrid already has a number of wide players, this still cannot conceal Mbappe's brilliance. For a long time, Mbappé has been the player that Real Madrid pays the most attention to, and the player most in line with Real Madrid's signing philosophy.




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