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亚搏游戏官网登陆:【盘点】宝刀未老的35岁以上球员 C罗伊布里贝里领衔汉达在列

Thanks to advances in sports science and training planning, the veterans of modern football can also maintain a high level more consistently. Entering thirty years old no longer means that you are about to hang up your boots, but it is likely to usher in the second spring. But people are not machines after all. When a player crosses the 35-year-old mark, the decline in physical function is inevitable. However, there will always be some exceptions on the pitch. The following players aged 35 and above interpret what is meant by "treasure not old":


Age: 35 years old


Club: Manchester City


"Fei Bird" may be the most successful midfielder in Manchester City's history, and is still a key player in the Blue Moon locker room in the 30s. On the court, his role is also crucial. He plays the role of defending the main gate in this offensive football team. Last season, he played a long time as a central defender and performed well.


Age: 36


Club: Schalke 04


This old demon of Bosnia and Herzegovina may be unexpectedly able to enter the list, but he is still able to steadily create a threat. In the past two seasons, he has scored 17 goals in 53 league games for Hertha Berlin. And his performance will also determine to a large extent whether Schalke can get back on track as soon as possible.

这个波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那的老妖怪也许能够出人意料地进入名单,但他仍然能够稳定地构成威胁。在过去的两个赛季中,他为柏林赫塔(Hertha Berlin)参加了53场联赛比赛,打入17球。而且他的表现还将在很大程度上决定沙尔克能否尽快回到正轨。

Age: 37 years old




Quagliarella is like a glass of old wine. Although it is getting closer and closer, it has scored 19, 26 and 11 league goals in the past three seasons. The former Italy international opened his own scoring account after two rounds. As long as Sampdoria continues to give him a chance, we believe that the old monster can still use goals to return.


Age: 36




The 36-year-old Chiellini is still a member of the Italian national team and helped Juventus defend the league title last season. Although he is no longer able to walk as fast as he can, but with his rich game experience and sophisticated defensive position, he is always able to make the opposing forward "unable to fly." With a strong body and excellent reading ability, the penalty area guarded by Chiellini is always calm. Even after former teammate Pirlo took over, Chiellini still occupied the starting position.


Age: 35




Real Madrid won the Champions League four times in five years and also entered the World Cup finals with Croatia during the period, ending the ten-year monopoly of Messi and Ronaldo on the Golden Globes. Modric is not satisfied. The 35-year-old midfielder is still an unshakable main candidate under Zidane, and in the process of helping the Galacticos regain the La Liga championship last season, he contributed to Real Madrid's career-high 5 goals and 7 assists in a single season. .

皇家马德里在五年内四次夺得冠军联赛冠军,并在此期间与克罗地亚一起进入了世界杯决赛圈,结束了梅西和罗纳尔多在金球奖上的十年垄断。莫德里奇不满意。这位35岁的中场球员仍然是齐达内(Zidane)不可动摇的主要候选人,在上赛季帮助卡拉狄格斯(Galacticos)重夺西甲冠军的过程中,他为皇马创造了职业生涯最高的5个进球和7个助攻。亚搏游戏官网登陆 。

Age: 35


Club: Bordeaux


Although the Gunners are on the road to revival, no one can fill the void left by the loss of Koscielny last summer. The French veteran brings experience and stability to Bordeaux's backcourt, and his excellent reading ability for the game has also benefited the team a lot. As the captain of the team, Koscielny helped the team complete the relegation task last season and won the 12th place in the league.


Age: 37


Club: Florence


Ribery and Robben flew together, and the days of siege of Bayern in Europe are gone. But don't just think that they just withdrew from the stage of history. Robben unwillingly chose to come back this summer and return to the Groningen campaign where his dream began. Ribery's outstanding performance in Serie A may be one of the incentives. The French veteran has won unanimous respect in Serie A. Last season, he contributed 3 goals and 3 assists in 19 league games. His organizational contribution is even more difficult to measure with data.


Age: 36


Club: Inter Milan


Age is usually just a number for goalkeepers, and this sentence is reflected in Handanovic well. Although he is 36 years old, he is still Inter Milan's number one goalkeeper. In the last season, Handa completed 13 zero seals in Serie A, ranking second in the league. And his brave performance also helped Inter Milan to get runners-up in Serie A and the Europa League. If the Nerazzurri wants to go further this season, naturally they also need to count on Handa's consistent performance as always.


Age: 36


Club: Chelsea


Well, the Premier League debut of "Sister-in-law" may be a disaster, but don't assume that he is already old. The 36-year-old Brazilian captain also played 9 games for Paris in the Champions League last season and was rock solid on his way to helping the team reach the final for the first time in team history. In fact, the "sister-in-law" still occupies the absolute main force in the Brazilian national team. Only last year he played in 12 national team games, which also shows his strength. With Chelsea's lack of experience in the defense line, Lampard naturally has high hopes for his "sister-in-law".

好吧,英超联赛中“ debut子”的首次亮相可能是一场灾难,但不要以为他已经老了。这位36岁的巴西队长上赛季还在欧洲冠军联赛中为巴黎踢了9场比赛,在帮助球队取得球队历史上第一次决赛的道路上坚如磐石。实际上,“ s子”仍然占据着巴西国家队的绝对主力军。仅去年,他参加了12场国家队比赛,这也显示出他的实力。由于切尔西缺乏防守方面的经验,兰帕德自然对他的“ s子”寄予厚望。

Age: 39 years old


Club: AC Milan


Considering Ibrahimovic’s bravery beyond his age, perhaps we should take a serious look at "Is Zlatan a human being". The Swedish tower, who calls himself "Football Benjamin Button", left Manchester United in March 2018 due to an injury. It looks like most stars will gradually fade out of sight. But he killed all sides in the Los Angeles Galaxy, making the opposing guards miserable. Ibrahimovic scored 53 goals for the club in 58 games during the American League, many of which were amazing.


Subsequently, Ibrahimovic chose to return to AC Milan, and with a strong performance to fight back those doubts about whether he can continue to be based in the top European league. In the last season, Ibrahimovic scored 11 goals in 20 games in all competitions, and still did not stop scoring at the beginning of the season. To some extent, Ibrahimovic today is even more convincing than he was in Paris.


Age: 39 years old


Club: Real Betis


Joaquin is perhaps one of the most interesting players in football today. He has played more than 400 games for Real Betis and has rejected offers from teams such as Valencia, Málaga and Fiorentina. Although he is 39 years old, he is still showing his strength.

华金也许是当今足球界最有趣的球员之一。他已经为皇家贝蒂斯(Real Betis)踢了400多场比赛,并拒绝了瓦伦西亚(Valencia),马拉亚搏娱乐中心加(Málaga)和佛罗伦萨(Fiorentina)等球队的报价。尽管他39岁,但他仍然显示出自己的力量。

After scoring 10 goals in all competitions last season and helping the team complete the task of relegation, Joaquin finally chose to fight for another year. When asked about the topic of retirement, he said: "If my body can bear it and the team still needs me, then you guys can't take me away."


Age: 35 years old




Although Ibrahimovic can turn back time, even if the gates guarded by Handanovic are still亚搏娱乐中心 airtight, even if Joaquin makes all doubts disappear, no one except Ronaldo is qualified to be on this list. top. The 35-year-old Portuguese veteran has not yet considered retirement, even though he is already a le亚搏游戏官网登陆gend.


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After Real Madrid became famous, Ronaldo chose to meet new challenges in 2018. In the Apennines, he continued to write his own history with an average of 0.75 goals per game, helping Juventus win two league titles again. At the national team level, Ronaldo only scored 16 goals in 11 appearances, helping Portugal win the first UEFA Champions League, and just broke through the individual 100 goals mark not long ago. It seems that Ronaldo is still far from stopping.




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