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亚搏游戏官网登陆|李盈莹遭网络暴力:把对手搞崴脚 "李上腿"屡教不改

Netease Sports reported on October 5:


Li Yingying led the team to defeat Shandong team 3-1 and made great contributions to Tianjin winning the championship for the sixth time. However, Li Yingying offensively crossed the line and Shandong women's volleyball player


In the first game, the two teams drew 12. After Li Yingying attacked, the foot position partially crossed the lin亚搏娱乐中心e, and Shandong, who was opposite the net, stepped on Li Yingying's foot after being bl亚搏娱乐中心ocked by Sun Jie. Sun Jie, who was crippled, immediately fell on the court with a very painful expression. After that, Sun Jie left the field for treatment.


After the Tianjin team won the championship, Li Yingying went to visit Sun Jie who was on the sidelines for treatment and rest. The Tianjin women's volleyball team members Yang Yi and Chen Xintong also came to the Shandong team to greet Sun Jie. From the exchanges of the players on both sides, it was not because of this episode that Liangzi was formed. Sun Jie's face still showed a smile.


For expressing apologies immedi亚搏娱乐中心ately afterwards, some fans praised Li Yingying: "My sister is too warm! Fans in some places were already crying when they saw that they didn't fight." However, Li Yingying also suffered online violence and some netizens criticized it. Said: "Hypocrisy! Turn the main force of others into a champion won by the foot."


Some netizens pointed out that this is not the first time that Li Yingying has hurt her opponent in this way, "It will not be the first, nor will it be the last. This method of spiking has already harmed many players. , Repeated instruction does not change, victory is not martial!" Some fans pointed out that even if it was not intentional, Li Yingying should also pay attention to herself, "Although she did not intentionally, but because she has injured a few like this, she should not reflect on, and should not change. A moment? Remind other players to be careful of Li Yingying."


In addition, some netizens said that Sun Jie of the Shandong team was already the fifth player to be injured by stepping on Li Yingying, which caused a lot of controversy. They also counted the names of players injured by stepping on Li Yingying, except for Sun Jie. It also includes Li Jing, Cai Yaqian and Gong Xiangyu. In addition to some people claiming that Li Yingying intentionally hurt Sun Jie on the Internet, some netizens also formed groups to leave messages accusing Li Yingying and even malicious attacks.


Regarding the online violence, Li Yingying did not let it go. She responded on personal social media this morning: "First of all, I have an unshirkable responsibility for accidentally hurting people. This is something that everyone does not want to see. I will pay attention to it in the future. Secondly, I do apologize to those who have been bad people, please do not continue moral kidnapping. People always have different opinions on the same thing. I understand two sentences, but please don’t go too far."


And Li Yingying’s fans suggested that idols ignore the Internet black man, “They just hack you for the sake of hacking you. If there is no accident, they will find other points to hack you, so why bother.” Some fans think Li Yingying She was hacked because she played on behalf of the Tianjin team, "because she is from the Tianjin team, so I envy and hate too much."






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