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[Video-Du Feng talks about Bayi’s withdrawal from CBA: It’s uncomfortable to hear that the August 1 spirit will always exist]

[Video-Du Feng谈论八一退出CBA:听到8月1日的精神将永远存在感到不安]

On October 20th, Beijing time, the second round of the CBA regular season started. The defending champion Guangdong team 134-126 struggled to reverse the Shenzhen team and won the first win of the new season. Although the game was won, Du Feng said at a press conference after the game that he was still not satisfied with the performance of the Guangdong team. Judging from the situation of this game, the overall state of the Guangdong team is indeed not good. The problem facing the team is not just the lack of Yi Jianlian.


You know, the Guangdong team’s opponent Shenzhen team used only a set of all-China class lineups without foreign aid. Moreover, the Shenzhen team lost two main players, Yu Dehao and Li Muhao, during this offseason. The strength is not as good as the team that did not make the playoffs last season. On the Guangdong team, there are two super foreign players, Marsanne Brooks and Wims, who can use it. Even so, the Guangdong team is still struggling. So what is the problem with the ten championships?


Many fans will definitely mention the absence of Yi Jianlian. Without him to guard the basket, the Guangdong team's inside line is indeed deceived. In this game, Shen Zijie of the Shenzhen team scored 35 points and 7 rebounds, made 24 free throws, and scored a career high. The performance of Su Wei 6 minutes 6 fouls, Zeng Fangri 6 minutes 5 fouls, and Zhang Hao 7 minutes 6 fouls is also sufficient to show that they are indeed difficult to become a substitute for Yi Jianlian.


But don't forget that after the rematch of last season, the Guangdong team also experienced the absence of Yi Jianlian and could only use Wilms as a foreign aid, but their state was far stronger than it is now. In the regular season, the game is often played at halftime. Even in the semifinals, the Guangdong team has reversed the Beijing team in the absence of Yi Jianlian. At the same time, in the finals, after Yi Jianlian was injured, they Also defeated the Liaoning team and won the 10th championship in team history. So obviously, Yi Jianlian's absence did have a huge impact on the Guangdong team, but the Guangdong team's 亚搏游戏官网登陆state is so bad, the reason is not just the lack of Yi Jianlian, Du Feng also has two other problems in front of him.


One is the change in CBA foreign aid rules. In the past two seasons, the main reason for the success of the Guangdong team is that their double small foreign tactics are unstoppable. Wilms and Marshan Brooks can lead the team to play a fast-paced offensive and defensive transition when they come together, which can easily destroy others. The team's defense.

一是改变CBA外援规则。在过去的两个赛季中,广东队取得成功的主要原因是他们的双重小外战术不可阻挡。威尔姆斯和马尚·布鲁克斯(Marshan Brooks)可以带领球队在他们走到一起时进行快速的进攻和防守过渡,这很容易摧毁他人。球队的防守。

But this season, the CBA has adopted the new foreign aid rules of 4 quarters and 4 visitors. Wilms and Marshan Brooks cannot play together. This has had a considerable impact on the Guangdong team's tactical system. What made Du Feng helpless is that Now, in the buffer period, teams with foreign aids can only play 2 foreign aids in 4 quarters against all-China teams. This also means that the playing time of foreign players has been drastically reduced, not to mention, and due to the need for two foreign players to divide the time, the playing time of Wilms and Marshan Brooks will be very fragmented, which is not conducive to foreign players to find the rhythm of the game.


After all, no matter how high their level is, they need time to warm up and find their status. In this game, Wilms only played 12 minutes and scored 13 points, Marshan Brooks only played 11 minutes and scored 5 points, which is the best proof.


The second is that this year's offseason is the shortest in CBA history, and the Guangdong team only took less than two months from finishing last season's finals to entering the new season. Du Feng mentioned before the start of the new season that the offseason was too short, which caused the players to be physically and mentally fatigued, so they needed to find their state slowly. This is also the reason for the poor state of the Guangdong team after the new season. one.


Judging from the current situation, it is no easy task for Du Feng to solve these two problems. These two problems, coupled with the impact of Yi Jianlian's absence, are likely to make the Guangdong team have a bad season. The downturn of the Guangdong team may be difficult to reverse through a victory. For the next game, whether it is Guangdong players or fans, I am afraid that they must be prepared to continue to face difficulties.


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