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On the stage of the finals, there was no weak team. James also learned this after losing in the last game. In this game, he let people see what a superstar is. He scored consecutively in the fourth quarter and put up a layup. Fighting fouls and disrupting the rhythm of the Heat, this is the superstar, one person is enough to influence a game, and the Lakers also expanded the score to 3-1!


And James’ fourth crown is just around the corner, and there is another. The 35-year-old "little" emperor can once again create a legend and bring the Lakers the first championship in ten years. His historical status is also Going one step further, it can be said that this crown is very important to him!


Another key factor for the Lakers to compete for the championship is naturally thick eyebrows. James gave Davis full offense this season. Davis lived up to expectations. He guarded the penalty area and killed the game at the end of the game. !

湖人争夺冠军的另一个关键因素是浓密的眉毛。詹姆斯本赛季为戴维斯提供了充分的进攻机会。戴维斯实现了期望。他守护亚搏娱乐中心禁区并在比赛结束时杀死了比赛。 !

   Such extraordinary strength also makes every Lakers fan secretly happy. Fortunately, Davis is in the Lakers, and Davis will choose the Lakers, perhaps because of a story between him and Kobe.


Davis’ father mentioned in an interview that in the 12th Olympic Games, when they accompanied Davis to the hotel, Kobe walked up to them and promised them that he would protect Davis and take him wherever he went. he.


   Although Davis in 12 years just won the NCAA MOP and was selected as the No. 1 pick by the Hornets, he is still a rookie who has not proven himself in the league. At that time, the team assembled a number of superstars such as Kobe, James, Anthony, Durant, and the expectations they were given might be rejected by other superstars.


   But Kobe's move allowed Davis to better integrate into the team and establish good relationships with other players. It also became Davis's role model and laid a good foundation for his doomed brilliant career. The seeds that Davis shines on the Lakers have quietly planted.


Davis did not live up to Kobe's expectations. He was selected to the All-Rookie Team in the first year, entered the All-Star the following year, and won the season's blocked shots. In the third year, he was directly the best first team and second defensive team, and led the ball. The team entered the playoffs. The name of the Son of America was thoroughly established.


   Although Davis's personal data is very good, it did not bring more victories to the team, and is often nicknamed the "empty slash king" by netizens. Davis also wanted to seek change. In 17 years, he teamed up with Cousins ​​and Rondo, and the team once again reached the playoffs, but in the second round facing the powerful Warriors, he regretted being out.


   As the doubts grew louder, Davis confronted him alone, but it was difficult to resist. At this time, another Lakers star extended a helping hand to Davis. When Davis was fledgling, the Lakers legend Kobe protected him, and when Davis stopped, Lakers superstar James Wong led him. Davis had an intersection with the Lakers as if by fate.


   Zhan Mei's cooperation was quickly proved. The first record in the Western Conference, the 3 rounds of the playoffs 4:1 defeated opponents to advance to the finals, Davis continued to prove that he was worthy of fighting side by side with Zhan Huang. James also spared no effort to help Davis.


   Do you remember the ball that the West decided to kill the Nuggets? When the familiar position killed the game in a familiar way, Davis shouted the first word "KOBE!" Wearing the shirt of a life mentor, Davis used action to fight for Kobe.

你还记得西方决定杀死掘金的球吗?当熟悉的位置以一种熟悉的方式杀死了游戏时,戴维斯大喊“ KOBE!”(第一个单词)。戴维斯穿着人生导师的衬衫,采取行动为科比奋斗。







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