Meet Sarah Ann Loreth, Catch Your Death Cover Photographer

Meet Sarah Ann Loreth, Catch Your Death Cover Photographer

Twitter can be a wonderful thing.  Thanks to Twitter, we  got in touch with Sarah Ann Loreth, who took the photograph that is used on the cover of Catch Your Death.  It’s a striking, creepy image, and we asked Sarah to tell us more about it:

The photo was taken last March at an abandoned mental hospital in Massachusetts. A group of us were planning on a trip there for a while so I wanted to think of a few concepts that were creepy enough to embody the abandonment of the place. I wanted a ghostly look, so I decided to do an anonymous self portrait in a white nightgown and use a long shutter speed to then walk around the frame to create the “ghosts” which are all just photos of myself.  This photo to me represents a new direction as a photographer. Before then I tended to shy away from the darker side of photography. Now I embrace it full on.
These are a few others from the same day so you can see what the building looked like:

We love the photos and can immediately see the setting of a really scary horror film.  Maybe we should write it…

This is how Sarah describes herself and her art:

Sarah Ann Loreth does not take photographs; she creates them from scenes she pulls from deep within her psyche. Sarah is a fine art photographer from New Hampshire, who specializes in self-portraiture. In her work she tries to covey a quiet stillness of emotion with a connection to her natural surroundings. From her use of color she creates a reality found only in her imagination but so unbelievably human. She toes the line between darkness and light, unafraid to explore themes that others may find uncomfortable.  Through death, destruction, suicide, or abandon, Sarah examines the darker side of the human spirit.  With photographs full of stories and symbolism she sees a life in death that shouldn’t be feared. Her work evokes a connection from the viewer, a feeling of oneness of the human experience and a mystery that leaves you wondering what will happen next.

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