Catch Your Death – A Week in the Life

Catch Your Death – A Week in the Life

Catch Your Death has been in the shops for a week now and it’s been an exciting experience.  Launch day was great, with so many people being all lovely and supportive all over Twitter and Facebook, including thriller-writing legends Peter James and Stephen Leather, thriller-writing geniuses Emlyn Rees and Elizabeth Haynes, and a whole bunch of writers, bloggers, tweeters, friends and readers.  It brought a tear to our collective eye.

Some of the highlights were seeing the book in Tesco, WHSmith and Asda (Mark, pictured, in the Clapham branch; 4-year-old daughter, who was yelling ‘I want some art stuff’, just out of shot).  Plus we received photos from not just all over England but the whole world – including Dubai.

We also got some great reviews.  First up was Keith Walters of Books and Writing who wrote:

“If Catch Your Death is a good example of what they can offer, then Nicci French and the Kellerman’s have another great writing duo to contend with on the crime fiction shelves from now on.”

Full review here

Then came a fantastic 5/5 write-up from First Choice’s Friday Book Club:

“There is so much action and intrigue in this book and every scene is driven by a powerful emotion, such as lust, love or savage hatred. The characters are almost 3D, too… this is an inspiring book with an inspiring route to sale.”

Full review here

And very excitingly, the fab website made us their debut of the month and described Catch Your Death as:

“Dan Brown meets Stieg Larsson meets Michael Crichton in a crackingly well-written, fast-paced, rollercoaster thriller.”

And it’s the 2nd most popular book on their site this week!

So all-in-all it’s been a wonderful week, and we are due to be Read of the Week in WHSmith travel next week, and we have the launch party tomorrow (full report to follow).

If you have a blog or reviews site, please get in touch.


  1. Lexi Revellian
    Lexi Revellian January 12, 2012 at 8:28 am .

    Nice photo, Mark, encapsulating most writers’ dreams. (Btw, like the beard.)

  2. David Jackson
    David Jackson January 12, 2012 at 3:52 pm .

    I hope you paid for that copy you mauled!
    Congratulations on the launch. Wishing you every success.

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