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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


"What can I do besides playing football?" This is Harvey's evaluation of himself.


Harvey Hernandez is a very strange player. He has no tattoos, no earrings, no scandals, no nightclubs, and no ostentatious hairstyle.

哈维·埃尔南德斯(Harvey Hernandez)是一位非常陌生的球员。他没有纹身,没有耳环,没有丑闻,没有夜总会,也没有夸张的发型。

If Harvey doesn't play football, then he is an ordinary person like you and me, who loves life and focuses on family. But when he stood on the pitch and passed the ball to his teammates accurately, he was Barcelona's midfielder, a practitioner of La Masia football's philosophy, and a conductor who played football into music.


Harvey comes from La Masia and is loyal to Barcelona. Under the red and blue banner, he carries too many memories of the players, and he has also injected the faith of football into the players’ blood. Harvey is always a loyal fan of passing and controlling football, a solid red and blue. warrior.


Therefore, his classic game must be selected from the national derby. In the 2008-2009 season, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 6-2 away, and Harvey completed the four assists.


At that time, Real Madrid trailed the leader Barcelona by 4 points. With only 5 rounds left in the league, this game must win the opponent to retain the hope of the championship. After the opening, Real Madrid were aggressive, but they encountered a pinnacle, Harvey, a rhythm master who can determine the outcome of the game by passing.


In the 20th minute, Harvey took a free kick from the left side of the penalty area and Puyol rushed to the top of the unguarded zone. This was Harvey's first assist. This goal allowed Barcelona to regain the rhythm of the game from the Bernabéu, and Real Madrid's aggressive momentum after the opening was wiped out by Barcelona's overtaking performance.


The rapid changes in the score made Real Madrid quite contradictory, rashly offensive is too risky, blindly defensive score is behind.


In the 35th minute, Messi succeeded in a midfield counter grab. The Real Madrid defender broke the ball and returned to the goalkeeper. Real Madrid tried to transfer the ball from the backcourt and handed it to Las Diarra, who had withdrawn from the ball. At this time, the French did not realize that before he received the ball, Xavi had already started, and the frontcourt broke Diarra's ball one-on-one, and then crossed the penalty area to assist Messi to score.


This steal is in response to Cruyff's evaluation, "defense does not need a strong body, wisdom and consciousness are the first essentials of defense."


Harvey's performance did not end. In the 58th minute, Harvey completed his assists hat trick. This time the background board was Ramos.


Real Madrid intercepted the ball in the backcourt and launched a counterattack. As a result, the goalkeeper took the ball and sent it forward. Barcelona passed the ball to Harvey through two feet. Harvey's diagonal pass near the center circle accurately found Henry again, and the Great made a successful shot against offside, facing Casillas who had already left the penalty area, lightly scored twice at one end.


The most exciting is always at the end. In the 75th minute, Xavi once again created a chance for Messi to go head-to-head with Casillas. He used his iconic turn to attract 3 Real Madrid defensive players. West got the perfect single-handed chance.

最令人兴奋的总是在最后。在第75分钟,哈维(Xavi)再次为梅西创造了与卡西利亚斯(Casillas)正面交锋的机会。他用标志性的转身吸引了3名皇马防守球员。 West获得了绝妙的单手机会。


Harvey's pass may lack gorgeousness, or it may not be extraordinary, but it is as accurate as a scalpel. The speed, timing, direction, and angle of the ball are not bad.


Recalling that game many years later, the player said: "Maybe I will remember that game when I am dying."


On January 15, 1980, a football family welcomed the third son. Originally, this little guy would be called Joaquin with his father, but then he changed his mind and named Harvey and Hernandez Clay. Us.

1980年1月15日,一个足球家庭迎接了第三个儿子。最初,这个小家伙和他的父亲被称为华金(Joaquin),但后来他改变了主意,将其命名为Harvey和Hernandez Clay。我们。

Harvey's football talent revealed since childhood was discovered by Barcelona scout Auriol-Tot, and continued to follow him, this person later also discovered Puyol, Iniesta and other players.


Due to his father's opinion, Joaquin did not agree to let Thoth take his son to La Masia until Harvey was 10 years old.


Harvey spent the happiest memories of his life in the youth academy, and met friends to form the "Truy Five Pony"; met the most important teacher in life, Joan Vera, and let Harvey learn from Guardio La played football, laying the foundation for the future midfield master; meeting Cruyff, in a state of stunned Harvey, the ball saint completed his training session.

哈维在青年学院度过了自己一生中最快乐的回忆,并结识了朋友,组成了“特鲁伊·五个小马”。认识了人生中最重要的老师琼·维拉(Joan Vera),让哈维向瓜迪奥·拉(Guardio La)学习踢足球,为未来的中场大师打下基础。在震惊的哈维遇见克鲁伊夫之后,球圣人完成了他的训练课。

In the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in 1998, Xavi, who was rigorously trained by Van Gaal, was given the opportunity to play for the first team. In this game, Barcelona lost 1-2 to Mallorca, and Xavi received a turnaround in the penalty area. Score a goal and score in the first show.

在1998年西班牙超级杯的第一回合中,曾接受过范加尔(Van Gaal)严格训练的哈维(Xavi)有机会参加第一支球队。在这场比赛中,巴萨以1-2输给了马洛卡,哈维在禁区获得了一个转身。在第一个节目中进球并得分。

Entering the first team's first season, Harvey played all positions except the goalkeeper, but became the protagonist of the team's many key games. In December 1998, in Barcelona’s away game against Valladolid, Harvey scored a header to help Barcelona win. It was Harvey’s first goal in La Liga and dragged Van Gaal back, who had already half-footed away from Barcelona. Retained Barcelona's La Liga championship that season.

进入一线队的第一个赛季,哈维担任了除守门员以外的所有职务,但成为了该队许多关键比赛的主角。 1998年12月,在巴塞罗那对巴利亚多利德的客场比赛中,哈维打入头球,帮助巴塞罗那获胜。这是哈维在西甲的第一个进球,将范加尔(Van Gaal)退回去,后者已经离开了巴塞罗那半英尺。那个赛季保持了巴塞罗那的西甲冠军。

1999 was a year that changed the fate of Xavi's career. Xavi and his friend Casillas helped Spain win the U20 World Cup and even received the King of Spain when they returned home.


Due to the exposure of the U20 World Cup, Harvey became a rising star in European football at the time, and Barcelona was in a very bad situation. The dark Gasparte period caused Barcelona's performance to plummet. At this time, Milan planned to take Xavi to San Siro by paying a liquidated damage of 800 million pesetas (about 5 million euros).


In the end, Xavi's lover used the sentence: "If he goes to Milan, I will divorce" and ended the transfer. From this moment on, Xavi will stay in Barcelona forever until the player retires.


In three years, Harvey completed the evolution from the substitute to the successor to Guardiola, but the team's performance has become increasingly dismal. Gasparte's policy dragged down this Barcelona. The team’s performance for several consecutive seasons was not satisfactory, the league missed the championship, and the Champions League was stuck in the semi-finals and failed to advance half a step; Harvey at the national team level ushered in a major breakthrough and became one of the matadors of the 2002 World Cup , The final quarter-finals.


In 2003, the Barcelona high-level reform, Rijkaard took office, at first the Dutch did not want to reuse Harvey. In the ninth round of the league, Rijkaard allowed Xavi to come off the bench. Barcelona 6 played in excellent condition with亚搏娱乐中心in 45 minutes. The Dutch finally decided to reform the 433 formation with Xavi as the center of the midfield. The Lord's Red and Blue Legion is back.


On the evening of April 25, 2004, Barcelona challenged Real Madrid away. The team needed a victory to stimulate the team's momentum and complete the "Dream 2" transformation. Xavi received a pass from Ronaldinho and used an unconventional shot to help the team beat Real Madrid 2-1. This season, Xavi has jumped from the cold bench at the beginning of the season to the absolute team. The main force, Harvey's legendary road begins.

2004年4月25日晚上,巴塞罗那挑战皇家马德里。团队需要取得胜利,以激发团队的动力并完成“ Dream 2”的转型。哈维从罗纳尔迪尼奥获得通行证,并使用非常规射门帮助球队以2-1击败皇家马德里。本赛季,哈维已经从赛季初的冷板凳上跳到了绝对的球队。主力军,哈维的传奇之路开始了。

Like all the protagonists of TV series, they will experience a trough when they break out, and there will always be calm before the storm. At the end of 2005, Harvey's knee suddenly stiffened during training, and then he yelled, tearing the right knee ligament. Although the player returned at the end of the season, the injury still had an impact on Harvey's state, or the entire team had a sense of arrogance.

像电视剧中的所有主角一样,他们爆发时会经历低谷,暴风雨来临前总会平静。 2005年底,哈维在训练过程中膝盖突然僵硬,然后大喊大叫,撕裂了右膝盖韧带。尽管该球员在赛季结束后返回,但伤病仍然影响着哈维的状态,或者整个球队都有一种自大的感觉。

In the two seasons from 2006 to 2008, Barcelona lost consecutively in key games, and the whole team was full of free and undisciplined temperament. After Harvey experienced a season of no harvest, he tried his best in the 0708 season and failed to help the team go further. Rijkaard's contract expired and Barcelona ushered in Guardiola.


Xavi went to Austria to participate in the European Cup, Aragones changed 4141, Spain with Xavi as the core midfielder played a phenomenal performance.


Faced with Germany in the final, Harvey received a pass from his teammate and made Torres complete the famous scene in which Lahm scored the only goal in the game. Harvey also became the most valuable player in the tournament.


After returning to the club, Guardiola's advanced tactical thinking was perfectly realized on Harvey. Harvey, who has been influenced by the philosophy of transmission and control since childhood, got the best tactical environment. From the first day of coaching, Harvey became the team's midfielder commander, which was incredible in the La Liga, which was extremely dependent on foreign aid policies. As a local player, it is difficult for a talent like Harvey to get the same high status as foreign aid, and this time under Guardiola, he became a tactical leader.


The greatness of Meng San is self-evident, and the power of the Universe team made the giants collapse. As the core of the midfielder of this golden team, Harvey has become a master of his duty. The team created too many classic games under his leadership. In four years, Barcelona won 14 championships in 16 events. The unprecedented six crowns before the 0809 season, the five crowns of the 1011 season, and the five consecutive cuts in the national derby. At that time, they played against Barcelona and was dubbed the battle of the earth.

孟三的伟大是不言而喻的,宇宙团队的力量使巨人崩溃了。作为这支金牌中场球员的核心,哈维已经成为其职责的主人。在他的领导下,团队创造了太多经典游戏。四年来,巴塞罗那在16项赛事中赢得了14项冠军。 0809赛季之前史无前例的六冠,1011赛季中的五冠以及国家德比赛中的五连冠。当时,他们与巴塞罗那对阵,被称为地球之战。

With the success of Barcelona, ​​the tikitaka tactics were completely introduced into the Spanish national team, and the team is also dominated by Barcelona. The matador set a record of winning championships in three consecutive international events. Harvey is the commander of these two top teams and contributed countless wonderful pictures.


In the 2010-2011 national derby season, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 at home. In the 9th minute of the game, Xavi received a straight pass from Iniesta, stopped the ball with his heel and shot Casillas to the goal, opening for the team. Record.


In the 2012 European Cup final, Harvey scored through Alba to help Spain expand the score. In the end, the team won the 4-0 victory over Italy.


In the last few years of Harvey in Barcelona, ​​as the team's passing tactics faded away, the players gradually could no longer control the team. In the Tito era, Xavi was no longer the lung of Barcelona's midfielder, and Martino used counterattack tactics to make Xavi at a loss until Enrique arrived and fully realized that his aging Xavi was back in the second line.


He handed the captain's armband to Xiaobai. He sat on the bench and enjoyed every moment of his appearance. He watched the tactical environment that was not his own. Harvey understands that his role for the team is not reflected on the court. He ente亚搏娱乐中心rs the locker room, reconciles coaches and players, and conveys his ideas to the younger generation.


Iniesta's truthful statement made Harvey shed tears. The man's grief was like a switch controlled, and it was difficult to turn it off. Harvey has spent the most peak years in this club, and has also gained the best memories and experiences.


"I hope this is not a farewell, but a period later. Barcelona, ​​thank you for everything you brought me."


There is nothing that can be solved without a single turn. If there are, there are two.


Harvey's turn seems to have no characteristics, but it is actually the use of Dao Zhijian. After receiving the ball, turning around can greatly increase the team's speed when advancing. For the offense, fast is the fundamental pursuit.


This technique is used to delay the organization of the midfield. Nowadays, the world football can be as natural and chic as Harvey. Compared with getting rid of the player when holding the ball, this technique tests the player's experience and extraordinary rhythm. It’s hard to be perfect without more than five years of skill.


Facing the high position can help the team complete the transition of the ball from back to front and achieve offensive advancement.


The so-called "general talent is easy to obtain, handsome talent is hard to find", Harvey is the coach of the game to the team. Harvey uses his personal ball control ability to grasp the rhythm on the court. His ball control can give players full Harvey is able to observe the running position of his teammates, control the progress of the game, attack, defend or control the situation.


Harvey’s role in the team is to determine the pace of the game for the entire team. Harvey’s technical characteristics are top ball possession, wide vision, and precise passing. Whether it’s the Spanish national team or Barcelona, ​​Harvey is present and No, there will be a fundamental difference in the team's offensive rhythm.

Harvey在团队中的角色是确定整个团队的比赛节奏。 Harvey的技术特点是控球能力强,视野开阔,传球准确。无论是西班牙国家队还是巴塞罗那国家队,哈维都在场,而否,球队的进攻节奏会有根本的不同。

After leaving Barcelona in 2015, Harvey joined the Alsad club. After enjoying the last few years of football as a core player, he chose to retire and began his coaching journey.


The 2019-2020 season officially coached Thad and helped the team win a Super Cup and a Qatar Champions League. Perhaps one day he thinks that he is strong enough to coach Barcelona, ​​and he will return to the land he loves and continue to practice his Barcelona dream.


【Career resume】


1997-2015 Barcelona


2015-2019 THAAD


【Personal Data】


Club: 767 games with 85 goals (Barça period)


National team: 13 goals in 133 games






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